Price estimates

Each project can be implemented in 3 levels of complexity: Basic, Standard and Turnkey. You are free to choose any option you consider optimal, given the following features.

* Prices do not include shipping costs.


Each estimate starts with the BASIC option, which is a reference price for the base panels for exterior, interior and roof walls. The price includes the installation of the walls / roof on the site but not the windows or finishes. The BASIC option may include, in certain situations, wall integration solutions for mains pipes and socket boxes. Electrical wires and cables are not included.

Wooden structure of 180-230 mm

Insulating material (graphite polystyrene, mineral wool or wood fiber).

Plywood (LDF, OSB, etc.) 12mm moisture resistant.



The price of the foundation will be determined according to the recommendations of the surveyor as well as the angle of inclination of the terrain.

Interior and exterior wall panels

Roof in 2 slopes and flat

For the flat roof we offer the solution of the panels placed at an angle, which are waterproofed in the factory.


We recommend German Rehau, Veka profiles but the beneficiary can also opt for other window solutions.

Exterior finishes

Elastic brick (STO). A Dutch product that emits natural brick, but is elastic and has a thickness of 5mm that offers a range of over 60 colors and various sizes and application methods.

Interior pre-finishes

Regips, Unilin Clickwall System


The complete option involves, in addition to all the elements of the Standard package, a few positions that will complete the project in a well-thought-out, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way. As each home must be marked by the soul, tastes and preferences of those who will live, this option is to be discussed individually, in order to obtain a personalized result that includes the following facilities:

Heating system

Interior finishes



and utilities

Arrangements according to preferences

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