How much does it cost to build a house with Uniqa Wall Systems?

An average house costs € 300 / m2 to € 500 / m2, but this depends on the design choices and the complexity of the construction. With this price range we can deliver panels for walls, roofs and floors in different stages of finishing, sometimes with mounting on site included. This offer excludes the price for finishing the foundation, windows and roof, which varies for each project. Are you curious what we are building?

Where is Uniqa Wall Systems built?

We mainly export our products and services to the EU market, but we also build houses in Moldova. We are currently exploring opportunities to ship our products by sea, such as the United States and the Middle East.

Are we attending the assembly?

Depending on the location and availability of the assembly team, we may send up to 4 people to assist you in assembling your home. Please note that this team only assists in the assembly and will not build the foundation or finish the building from the inside.

Where can I send my home design drawings?

In order to make a price, we need to have an overview of your preferences. This information will be collected through the customer questionnaire that will be sent to you if you send an e-mail to info@uniqa.md. At the same time, you can send us your drawings that will be analyzed. Once we have received both the drawings and the customer questionnaire, we will send you a first price offer.

Are the panels protected from insects and rodents?

All rodent and insect sensitive materials are completely enclosed by the other building materials we use. With normal maintenance, it is not possible for them to reach the insulation material or the wood in the core of the frame.

Is expanded polystyrene durable?

EPS or expanded polystyrene is a sustainable material. It requires little effort to make it and is 100% recyclable. There are no poisonous gases present in EPS, because the styrene droplets have only air inside them. Most buildings in Europe have EPS insulation, especially on the ground floor. You can read more about EPS insulation here:


Are the panels strong enough to withstand earthquakes?

Because we glue the panels together under vacuum, the panels are very strong. The adhesive together with the wooden frame and the EPS insulation reacts like a whole mechanical panel, which makes it flexible enough not to break during earthquakes. All panels are secured with both metal anchors and strong screws.

Panel safety

Because Uniqa uses Dutch patented technology, it complies with the Dutch building code. Our standard panels comply with fire safety for detached residential dwellings, as mentioned in "Bouwbesluit 2012", the latest Dutch building code. For apartment and office buildings, or at your request, we can add a fireproof material called Fermacell, made in Germany. This material has a safety rating of A2, the second best available on the market. The added value of using Fermacell is sound insulation and a light surface finish. More information can be found here:


Panel insulation values

As Uniqa uses Dutch patented technology, it complies with the Dutch building code. Our standard panels comply with the insulation values ​​required in "Bouwbesluit 2012", the latest Dutch building code. At your request we can increase the insulation value, in some cases quite easily. Our panels can also be made with very high insulation values, as required by the passive house construction methodology. You can read more about the passive house here:


How can I build with Uniqa Wall Systems?

If you are interested in building your house with us, do not hesitate to contact us directly via info@uniqa.md. If you already have a project ready, you can send it directly. Please note that the drawings must have all the dimensions shown.

At the beginning we will ask you some questions through our questionnaire to fully understand your preferences for your project. Once you have submitted this information, we will send you a provisional price offer. Once the provisional bid is approved, we can analyze your project and requirements in more detail and send you a final bid. At any stage of this process, you are more than welcome to come and visit us at our factory to better understand what we do and how it works.

What is the warranty for the panels?

With proper maintenance, the house will last as long as you want! Our suppliers of materials and windows will have a shorter warranty period, which will be offered to you when you select the material for your home. We can give a 10-year warranty. For the first 5 years, we offer a 100% guarantee for avoidable damage during the production and assembly of our products. After that, the percentage of the guarantee decreases by 20% every year.

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