About us

Any sustainable brand is first and foremost

about people, values, and mission.

The people behind the UNIQA Wall Systems brand are the greatest asset of the enterprise. Because beyond business, this company is first and foremost a soulful project, with the mission of positively changing lives, families, places, and homes.

UNIQA Wall Systems began as a result of the desire to build a company at home in Moldova, a business that would bring modern technologies and provide employment and professional growth opportunities for skilled craftsmen and young fathers who want to stay close to their families.

Today, Uniqa has gained international recognition, even attracting employees from abroad who are eager to work with us. This is due to the patented innovative construction technology from the Netherlands, the unique culture, dynamics, and vision of the company. It inspires us to build homes in Moldova that stand out and are exported to several European countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, and Switzerland.

Our Vision

Uniqa Wall Systems aims to redefine the paradigm of home construction through innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. We have embraced the mission to transform the traditional landscape of construction, bringing to the forefront not only homes but also a sustainable and future-oriented vision.

Through innovation, we seek to surpass the conventional boundaries of home construction. We aspire to be pioneers in implementing advanced technologies and innovative methods, thereby redefining how homes are conceptualized and built.

Efficiency is the cornerstone of our operations. From design to assembly, we emphasize processes that ensure the swift and seamless execution of each project. Our innovative method of wall prefabrication, patented in the Netherlands, demonstrates our commitment to efficiency and quality.

Our vision extends beyond construction, it expands to transform the entire way homes are conceptualized. We envision a future where innovation and environmental respect are at the core of every construction project!

Uniqa Wall Systems is where homes come to life with precision, efficiency, and a vision dedicated to a sustainable future.

Our story

In 2016, Aart Koelewijn and TGS, in partnership with Anatol Malancea, embarked on a vision to establish a company aimed at creating employment opportunities in rural Moldova. Leveraging years of experience in the construction industry, Aart identified a market opportunity for prefabricated houses in Moldova, utilizing innovative Dutch technologies to export them worldwide. As a result, Uniqa customers globally can experience the craftsmanship of Moldovan workers, renowned for their remarkable skills.

Our Partners

We have the privilege of collaborating with enterprises and organizations that share the same ideas to multiply our impact in promoting and facilitating the construction of energy-efficient homes throughout Europe and beyond!

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