About us

Any sustainable brand is first and foremost about people, values and mission.

The people behind the UNIQA Wall Systems brand are the highest value of the enterprise. Beyond business, this company is first of all a soul project, designed to change lives, families, places and homes for the better.

UNIQA Wall Systems started as a result of the desire to build a company at home in Moldova, a business that would bring modern technologies and provide employment and professional growth opportunities for young craftsmen, who would stay close to their families.

Today, Uniqa has become internationally recognized, even having employees from abroad, established to work for us. All of this is possible thanks to the innovative construction technology patented in the Netherlands, the company's culture, dynamics and vision. The houses produced in the factory in the town Ștefan Vodă are exported to several European countries - Holland, Germany, Romania, Switzerland. And of course, we are happy to build at home in the Republic of Moldova.

Our Vision

Uniqa Wall Systems is a Moldovan-Dutch company that implements new technologies and innovations in the field of construction in Moldova. Starting with 2016, we brought home a new business model, which involves the prefabrication of building panels in factory conditions and their assembly in the field, to create a new type of housing - energy efficient.

Energy-efficient houses are properly insulated houses. This has two major advantages:

  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions 28% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from energy consumption in buildings
  • Reduces maintenance costs The reduced energy demand can give us better air quality.

These benefits give us the ability to fight climate change while being more resource efficient. Uniqa uses a Dutch patented technology, which complies with the Dutch building code.

This allows us to ensure the European quality level and compliance with international standards.

The houses produced in the factory in the town Ștefan Vodă are exported to several European countries - the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Switzerland. Of course, we are happy to build for those at home in the Republic of Moldova.

Our story

In 2016, Aart Koelewijn and TGS in partnership with Anatol Malancea, wanted to found a company in order to create employment opportunities in rural Moldova. Thanks to many years of experience in the construction industry, Aart has identified the market opportunity for prefabricated houses in Moldova using innovative Dutch technologies to export them anywhere in the world. Thus, UNIQA customers around the world can benefit from the mastery of Moldovan workers. In this way, by working for UNIQA, our employees can be a good support for their families at home and for the local community.

Our Partners

We have the privilege of collaborating with like-minded businesses and organizations to multiply our impact in promoting and enabling energy-efficient home building throughout Europe and beyond.

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