We build your house, energy-efficient,

in less than 3 months!

Discover the magic of turnkey modular homes delivered in 3 months!

With Uniqa Wall Systems, your dream home becomes a reality. How do we achieve this? We offer modular homes built from prefabricated walls. These modules are transported and assembled on-site, quickly forming a fully functional and unique residence known for its durability, energy efficiency, and the ability to be delivered turnkey in a much shorter timeframe compared to traditional construction.

Here at Uniqa, we do everything swiftly and efficiently so that you can enjoy your perfect home as soon as possible!

Why us?


We have a well-trained team comprised of top experts from the Republic of Moldova and other European countries who are ready to transform your home into a haven where you'll find comfort and love. With over 7 years of experience and over 70 successful projects in countries such as the Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, and Belarus, we are among the leaders in the field of modular construction.


We are fully committed to protecting the environment and our health. Our responsible mission is to minimize the negative impact of carbon emissions during our constructions, working closely with partners who share the same concerns and carefully selecting sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Through our choices, we transform not only homes but also the perspective on construction, introducing innovation and respect for the environment!


Our innovative method of wall prefabrication is patented in the Netherlands. Each component is carefully produced in our own factory, ensuring the necessary quality and precision. Moreover, the on-site assembly unfolds with remarkable efficiency, as if building with LEGO pieces, turning the process into a quick and hassle-free one. This innovative approach not only brings efficiency to the implementation of our projects but also provides the additional advantage of time savings, transforming the concept of construction into a fast and precise experience.

How much does

it cost?

The cost of each residence is calculated with special attention by our UNIQA engineering experts. Guided by your architectural project, these professionals determine the costs based on the chosen materials and finishing details.

Don't have a project yet? Contact us!

Our architect can help you.

Where do we deliver?

In EU countries we deliver the prefabricated walls and make available the installation team or ensure the supervision of the installation on the foundation prepared by the customer. For exterior and interior finishes, windows and turnkey solutions, we will discuss according to the project.

*In the Republic of Moldova, we build houses at the Basic, Standard or Turnkey stage or - from the project to the moment of furniture installation. We provide teams of highly qualified specialists and adhere to patented Dutch technology.

AQUA Village Project

Houses built by us

Every project built is dear to us, because each house hosts beautiful families with remarkable life stories. Even if on the architectural project a house looks like from magazines, in reality, it will always be different. Because it will leave a mark of the soul of the people who will inhabit it, through the colours, shapes and textures chosen according to their liking. And we will ensure the construction of good houses for good people.


The DOR House



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