We build your house, energy-efficient,

in less than 3 months

How to build a turn-key house in less than 3 months?

Uniqa Wall Systems can achieve this by carefully planning and producing prefabricated walls according to the architectural design. And the installation of the house is done in just a few days. Once the house is assembled, the team can work on the interior and exterior trim. The actual construction process of the house is less than a month! So the other 2 months are just a backup, for documentation or decision time for choosing the finishes.

How much does it cost?

The price of each house varies depending on the chosen materials, but also on the degree of finishing the construction. It is calculated by UNIQA engineers, based on the architectural project.

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Where do we build?

*In EU countries we deliver the prefabricated walls and make available the installation team or ensure the supervision of the installation on the foundation prepared by the customer. For exterior and interior finishes, windows and turnkey solutions, we will discuss according to the project.

In the Republic of Moldova, we build houses at the Basic, Standard or Turnkey stage or - from the project to the moment of furniture installation. We provide teams of highly qualified specialists and adhere to patented Dutch technology.

We are proud of our mixed team of highly qualified specialists, both local and from other countries. In recent years we have carried out projects in the Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania and Belarus.

We care about the environment, the world we live in and the health of your family. We do not produce construction waste, we carefully select suppliers who operate with the same values using sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Prefabrication technology for walls is patented in the Netherlands. All elements are factory produced and assembled on the foundation like LEGO pieces.

Houses built by us

Every project built is dear to us, because each house hosts beautiful families with remarkable life stories. Even if on the architectural project a house looks like from magazines, in reality, it will always be different. Because it will leave a mark of the soul of the people who will inhabit it, through the colours, shapes and textures chosen according to their liking. And we will ensure the construction of good houses for good people.


The DOR House



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